Research Projects

One of the chief activities of the Administrative Conference is making formal recommendations. A critical component of the process of making formal recommendations is research. The Conference conducts an extensive research program under the direction of the Chair and the Council, and with the assistance of the Research Director and other Conference Staff. The results of the research conducted are embodied in Conference recommendations. Like its recommendations, the Conference’s research covers both general administrative law topics that cut across many federal agencies and specific ways in which particular agencies can improve particular procedures.

Committee Research Projects


This project will develop best practices, as well as facility and technology guidelines for use of video teleconferencing in administrative hearings and related proceedings.  For agencies already...

Background Information: One of the Conference’s most important prior achievements was its role in encouraging federal agencies to make use of alternative...


The Conference is studying the use of petitions for rulemaking, their potential to improve responsiveness to citizen concerns, and best practices for facilitating submission and guiding agency...


The Conference studied procedures and best practices for managing ex parte contacts in the informal rulemaking process.  The study examined the propriety of ex parte...


At its Plenary Session on June 13-14, 2013, the Administrative Conference of the United States adopted Recommendation 2013-4, concerning the Administrative Record in Informal...


This project examined how agencies use internet-based technologies, particularly their websites, to support rulemaking activities and improve access to e-rulemaking portals.  It...

Committee Meetings & Events

April 8, 2013 Committee Meeting(Committee on Adjudication)

April 8, 2013 - 2:00 pm EDT
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Administrative Conference of the United States