ACUS publishes sourcebooks on an array of topics that assist agency officials, congressional staff, and the judiciary in performing their work.

Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies

The Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies maps the organizational structure of the entire executive branch. ACUS published the sourcebook to provide a comprehensive overview and description of the federal executive establishment, the only document of its kind in existence, and is currently in the process of updating the Sourcebook.

Sourcebook on Federal Administrative Adjudication Outside the APA

The Sourcebook examines federal administrative adjudication that is not subject to the adjudicatory provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act and provides a comprehensive overview and cross-cutting analysis of non-APA adjudication.

Short Report to the Judiciary on Social Security Litigation in Federal Courts

The short report summarizes the findings of a more extensive report prepared by Conference consultants David Marcus (University of Arizona Law School) and Jonah Gelbach (University of Pennsylvania Law School) on federal court review of Social Security disability cases and highlights recent Conference studies and recommendations that have led to improvements to the Social Security Administration’s decision-making process.